Shami / Sheek Kebabs using Mr Huda’s Instant Marinade Rub On Paste

Shami / Sheek Kebabs

400g mince meat,
2tbsp (6 tsp) of Mr Huda’s Instant Marinade Rub On Paste,
1 egg,
fresh coriander (if available)

Shami / Sheek Kebabs

To use as an instant rub, simply add a small amount of paste
straight on to the Chicken, Meat or Fish etc and mix well. You can add a few drops of oil to help with the mixing.

To make SHAMI/SHEEK KEBABS use the recipe below India’s answer to burgers and sausages. Serve in a bun with chilli sauce and salad or unaccompanied as an appetiser.

Shami : shallow fried (burger shaped).
Sheek : cooked on the skewer over the fire (sausage shaped).

1. Place the minced meat in a bowl.
2. Add the egg, Mr Huda’s Instant Marinade Rub On Paste and fresh coriander and mix it thoroughly.
3. Once mixed leave to stand in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours or overnight.
4. When ready cook as you prefer.

Once cooked garnish with fresh salad, lemon wedges and coriander. Serve with mint tamarind yoghurt sauce.

TIPS: To make the kebabs more exciting add a little finely chopped onions and green chillies with a little more paste and mix with the meat before cooking.