Cooking Tips

Mr Huda’s cooking tips… 
Culinary skills come with practice and time. Do not worry if things don’t go to plan, as long as you practice safety the rest will come slowly. We have created these delicious spice mixes so you don’t have to spend your valuable time running around obtaining all the spices and then spending more of your valuable time in blending them in the correct manner. Below are some cooking tips which could help you with your cooking to make it a satisfying and enjoyable session. “HAVE FUN!”

1. Cooking times may vary, the cooking instruction is based on a medium sized gas burner. Always cook on moderate heat even if it takes slightly longer the end result will be very good. Always keep vigilant and try not to burn the spices or the meats as it will destroy the flavour.

2. The measuring of ingredients has been given using proper measuring utensils, add a little more or less to adjust to your taste buds. Salt is very important in any kind of cooking, it lifts the flavour of any dish. Where salt is required add to your taste being careful not to add too much.

3. The cooking pastes have been developed with all the necessary herbs and spices, sometimes adding a little fresh herb or whole spice lifts the complete dish. chilli, fresh or ground will vary in heat. When adding to your dish adjust to your needs.

Based on 4 servings :
6 level tsp chilli powder =Madras strength
10 level tsp chilli powder =Vindaloo strength

The above is based on standard strength chilli powder, if using extra hot chilli powder use half the amount.

4. Oil is important in helping blend all the spices with the rest of the dish. After the cooking is over when the dish is left to settle, there will be oil settling on top, you can take some of the oil out, but we recommend you keep some oil in because most of the flavour of the dish is locked in the oil, alternatively give the dish a good stir and serve.

5. Once you open a jar of Mr Huda’s pastes you will find some oil settled on top as well as on the lid, give the jar a good stir before every use and wipe the rim of jar and lid before placing back on the jar. This prevents any oil spilage trickling down the jar and settling on your fridge shelf.

6. Every curry needs a good onion base to enable it to have a good texture and depth. Making the base before and then blitzing it with a blender gives that smoothness you find in the dishes when served by chefs in restaurants. You can make this in advance and in larger quantities to be frozen in smaller batches. For full instructions on making the Curry Base click here.